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Who Are You Blaming?

We often blame others for what we are feeling, doing and having.

It may be your boss, or your family or friends – as I blamed my husband for many years.

When we blame others for where we are at, we have No Power to Change.

A very powerful lesson for me was to learn that I am the one who is Responsible for my own feelings, and what I was doing and being-my own happiness.

So what do I mean Take Responsibility!!!!!

It is to know that whatever you want, how you want to feel, it comes from within you.

Once you make the decision, then you find ways and means of getting round difficult people that you may have been blaming. This allows you to take your destiny in your own hands then you have the power to change your life.

For example I used to get resistance from my Husband when I wanted to go out to a meeting or with friends, when he was indoors. So I started not to go out and also started to blame him for not allowing me to go out. I stopped living the life I wanted. At a deeper level I was blaming because I had Fear of Rejection. What are your fears?

Once I started to be responsible for my own feelings, I found positive ways of communication, I became more assertive, and as I expressed more of what I wanted, I felt better about myself, the happier I was. I now feel the freedom from the bondage that came from my blaming others for my life.

As we build our courage muscle, it gets stronger and easier. What changes will you make, if you took responsibility for what you want in your life? Maybe you need to be clear on what you want, be more assertive, learn to say No.

When you start taking responsibility, and stop being a victim, you will really start living the life you love, you will feel more alive and fulfilled.

If you want the freedom to do and be who you want to be, my workshops will give you an excellent opportunity to overcome your fears and live the life you would love to live, and be happier.

Please contact me for a chat or book your seat on the workshops.


Helping you discover the Freedom to Be YOU,


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