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Leadership Qualities/Happy Employees/Self Empowered Individuals/Productivity/Stronger Team/Efficiency
Maximeyes Group - Empowerment Sessions

Maximeyes Group - Empowerment Sessions


Would you like your employees to work harder, work smarter, contribute more and deliver better results?

Well, these are typical of the results delivered through my workshops.

It’s impossible for anyone struggling with their own personal challenges to work at anywhere near their best and my workshops are designed to empower your people and help them discover the Freedom to be Themselves and the Freedom to be an important part of a highly successful team.


The best part is, what I do provides a real Win – Win because happy empowered employees, build happy empowered teams, that deliver improved productivity and significantly better results.

Workshop Content


The workshop combines theory, science, personal reflection and practical exercises, whilst following the system I created. I call it my Five Keys to Freedom.

All participants will come away from the workshop with the tools they need to help them recognise and deal with any resistance they may encounter in becoming the very best version of themselves. 


The Five Keys to Freedom are;

  1. Freedom to think differently

  2. Recognise and accept your unique self.

  3. Take responsibility for your life, your happiness and your success.

  4. Identify and overcome your fears.

  5. Live a balanced life.

There are 13 different elements within this process and each one builds upon the last, leading to ever greater levels of confidence and Freedom. During the workshop, participants will;

  • Learn to recognise and appreciate their strengths and weakness.

  • Gain a better knowledge and understanding of themselves.

  • Understand the importance of self-acceptance.

  • Help them become comfortable and confident with who they are.

  • Discover how to transform weakness into strength.

  • Empower their ability to move from fear to courage.

  • Start thinking differently. All change/improvement begins by changing how you think.

  • Learn to use meditation and exercise to keep them energised and focused.

  • Discover how bringing out the best in themselves will help them bring out the best in others.

By providing them with a range of tools and techniques that will teach them how to deal with their challenges, overcome their fears, take responsibility for their lives and for their happiness, both personally and in their work, they discover how to express their full potential and discover the Freedom to be Themselves ….. and the Freedom to be an important part of a highly successful team.

All participants will be provided with a workbook and a Free copy of my book Freedom to Be Me.

This is a one-day workshop, which can be split into five x 90 minute sessions, if preferred. If you prefer this option I'd suggest weekly sessions but do bear in mind that this would involve a greater time commitment on my part and be reflected in your financial commitment.

However, there are some advantages to be gained in delivering the workshop over four sessions because I give participants some homework, in between sessions, designed to re-enforce the learning.


"I commissioned Azmina to run 2 workshops on Self-love. Azmina is an inspiring speaker. The workshops were engaging, informative and thought-provoking. Azmina made them interactive and fun. The take away from the workshops were practical steps to love, appreciate and acknowledge our uniqueness and have the confidence to be ourselves."


Hazel Bate
Relaxation for Living & More Ltd

"Since I learnt to overcome her fears of judgement and to accept herself, it has allowed me to be able to put ideas forward and not be afraid to ask for help. Instead of putting my energy into trying to be a perfectionist and worrying about being judged as not good enough, I now focuses on one task at a time and knows that as long as I do my best, that is good enough.


I have realised that I am more relaxed and productive than ever before. This has also had an impact on how I manages others. I am more inclined to accept them for who they are, allowing them to be comfortable trying something new without having the fear of making a mistake and being judged as being a failure."


Samantha Wade, MSc, Operations Manager

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