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About the Book


Helping you discover the FREEDOM to be YOU!


What is happiness?

Far too many of us spend much, if not all, of our lives putting the needs of others before ourselves. Existing from day to day in fear, feeling unworthy, unfulfilled and exhausted, whilst continually trying to please other people to avoid feeling rejected.

Living your life like this takes you about as far away from happiness as it's possible to be, leaving you wondering what happiness is and how on earth you will ever find it.

I know because this was my life. This was exactly how I felt.

I remember the day that I was on my knees; I was sobbing and praying to God for somebody to give me the answer. I had read books, but that wasn’t enough. Deep inside me, I knew that only I could make the changes I needed to make, but I didn’t know how.

Then something changed.

'Freedom To Be Me' is the story of how I transformed my unhappiness into happiness and gave myself the freedom to live the life I wanted to live. To live a life that I love.

'FREEDOM to Be Me' is an accumulation of 15 years of learning and it's my hope and aspiration that by sharing the principles, tools and techniques that I discovered and practiced -  and by bringing them together in one book - you can also find yourself, as I did.

'FREEDOM to Be Me' is all about helping you discover the FREEDOM to be YOU!

Free Yourself


Free yourself from all that's limiting you and live the life you would love to live!

If, like many, you've spent most of your life putting the needs of others before yourself, you may well find that you're now at the bottom of a very long list - if you're on the list at all.

The symptoms of living your life like this may include feeling unhappy, exhausted, worthless and anxious, to name but a few, and you're probably wondering how you're going to get to that place where you can feel happy again.

If this describes you and you're feeling ready for change - or you just need a little more encouragement - then this book is for you. It'll help you get to the light at the end of your tunnel.


Praise for Freedom To Be Me



Sheryl Andrews

The Strength and Solution Detective
Step by Step Listening

I had the privilege of working with Azmina as she unravelled her wisdom from her head and put it down on paper. I was inspired by the courage and strength of what at first might seem a small, quiet and meek woman. But as her story unfolded and her key learning points were divulged my heart expanded both in admiration for her and her journey but also in compassion for myself.

I found myself becoming more aware of my own emotions, acknowledging them and then letting them go.

As I read the activities I was instantly able to apply them in the moment and get instant results. If you feel you have lost a sense of who you are and what you want then FREEDOM to Be Me is a must-read.


Hayley Panton BACPM DIP

Therapeutic Psychotherapist

FREEDOM to Be Me, it says it in the title.

This book is one of the most powerful books I have read; it really spoke to my true inner self. This book, if read chapter by chapter, taking your time, will change your life. I found reading one chapter a day and reflecting on it really helped me to connect more with my authentic self.

I love the examples of real events. They really helped me to feel
understood and heard.

I highly recommend FREEDOM to Be Me and will definitely be
reading this again.


Lauren M. Gezurian

Educational Consultant & Teacher

Azmina Jiwa’s book, FREEDOM to Be Me, is both a personal and professional reflection of how to move forward towards a life you desire. Chapter by chapter with both practical exercises and personal reflections, Azmina lays out a game plan for those who may seem ‘stuck in a rut’, or living a life where challenges have become larger than personal accomplishments.

Having known the author for twenty-five years I have seen in actuality how using the tools she shares in FREEDOM to Be Me have worked for her own life. From growing more confident and independent, to being able to coach others, the comprehensive list of simple reflection and action exercises has the possibility to assist any individual.

For those who need to either begin, resume or just continue their personal journey, FREEDOM to Be Me can assist in accomplishing the goals one needs to create a happy and balanced life.


Diana Jordan

Divorce Consultant

There was little in this book that I didn’t know, but much that I had forgotten. It is a brilliantly succinct distillation of Azmina’s many years of learning from books, teachers and mentors and will save you having to read many other books!

Hearing things afresh in Azmina’s words and from her perspective has helped some of the reminders I needed to stick. I particularly liked the chapter on listening to your intuition; the scientific facts and figures are fascinating and I am still working on noticing which of the three ways my intuition comes to me.

I love the way Azmina has given clear guidance as to how to use the information and tools she gives, and the questions at the end of each chapter really help to apply the  learning. The book is easy to read as Azmina draws the reader in with her very frank and honest personal examples.


She uses her own journey to illustrate the points she makes and explains how she changed from the fearful tongue-tied girl who arrived in England all alone at the age of 17, to the success she is today.


A Few Key Ideas


Ideas that will help you understand how you arrived at the life you find yourself living today and, more importantly, ideas that will help you understand what needs to change for you to live the life you would love to live.

Best of all, my book contains all the tools you need to give you

The FREEDOM to ...

Azmina Jiwa website.png

Giving Back


I'm delighted to announce that £2 From Every Book Sold Will Go to Charity!

The charity I have chosen is based in Kenya - NIA Children's Foundation - and works with local suppliers to provide food supplies and educational materials to schools in Africa's poorest slums. This ensures that children attend school and receive regular meals enabling them to become healthier and more focused in class.

£5 can help feed and educate one child for an entire month!

The best part about this is the collaborative element and, together, we can make a worthy contribution to help some of the poorest children in Africa attain a better life.

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