Accept Your Unique Self/Overcoming Fear/Take Responsibility For Your Life/Live a balanced life/Breaking Through Barriers

One of the skills I needed to develop as a trainer was to be able to speak in front of an audience. It is one of the biggest fears people have, and it was one of my greatest fears too. I couldn’t even speak in a small group of three people, let alone an audience of 400, which is what I did in 2015 when I went to Liberia as a Volunteer trainer.

Becoming a speaker wasn’t easy but by repeatedly stepping out of my comfort zone, taking on as many speaking engagements as possible and working on my presentation skills along the way, I now have the confidence to deliver presentations to any audience, large or small, safe in the knowledge that, these days, my presentations are always well received.

Over the last 10 years I’ve spoken to numerous groups and organisations and found myself presenting to audiences of all ages, from youths to seniors.

Experience taught me of the need to tailor my presentations to the audience and, if you’re looking for a speaker, I’d make sure that my presentation’s tailored to your groups requirements.