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Are You Comfortable But Not Happy?

Then you are in your comfort zone.

A very strange way to describe it I think. Comfort is supposed to be a place which feels good, but being in a comfort zone is not, because there is no growth. One of our basic need is to grow, materially, mentally and spiritually. Hopefully not physically because that does not feel good. In fact when we are in our comfort zone we often do put on weight because we are not doing the things we would love to do, and so we do comfort eating.

Of course to get out of our comfort zone does require energy, effort and overcoming our fears.

It is often our fears that keep us in this uncomfortable comfort zone.

Let me give you a little example—you may not be happy in the job you are doing. Every now and again your soul sings and flutters when you see or hear something that you would actually really love doing instead. The very next moment your mind goes crazy with thoughts like ‘Are you crazy, you are earning enough money here, what if things don’t work out, what will mother-in-law say (haha poor her) you know what I mean. The mind only knows how to keep you secure, and safe, like when we were living in the bushes, so the mind brings up all our fears. Our job is to overrule the mind, change the thoughts, and start imagining the best possible outcome, from this tiny soft voice and feeling that you had initially.

You have to start feeling the feelings as if you are already doing what you would love to do, start saying to yourself, I can do it, I will be so happy. When the negative chatter starts, you need to thank them, and replace with positive ones.

It is only by stepping out of our comfort zone we make progress in our life; we begin to have, be and do what we love. All we have to do is to become aware of the fears that are stopping us moving towards freedom, fulfillment and happiness.

You also need to understand that fear itself is not the problem, it is what we do with the fear that is important. Everyone feels fear, it is in our makeup, to protect us from danger, the real danger of moving out of the way real fast if a car is approaching, before it hits us.

The fear of doing something new, and different is perceived fear from our upbringing and past experience.

In the workshop I offer, you will look at all different types of fears we face, you will have a workbook where you will identify your fears, you will have the tools to overcome your fears and live the life of your dreams. If you want the freedom from your fears, and want to live the life you would love to live, feel energetic, vibrant, and happy then please contact me right now, and book your space, before your mind kicks in. You will have the opportunity meet others who are in the same boat. I am often told that it was so nice to see that others are also facing the same fears. Helping you discover the Freedom to Be YOU,


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