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As a Happiness Coach, Personal Developmental Trainer, author and international speaker, I have a passion for helping individuals and teams in the workplace. I empower people to discover the Freedom to be themselves and the Freedom to be an important part of a highly successful team.

Working with me is always Win - Win and the benefits gained by the individual, the team and the business are considerable.

Every individual wins as they learn to deal with any and every personal challenge they may face. This makes for incredibly strong individuals who come together to form incredibly strong teams, who are able to work at their very best for the benefit of themselves, their team and their employer.



Reaching this point in my life has been quite a journey. Developing the confidence to become a trainer, author and international speaker – something I would never have thought possible when I first came to the UK – has been a long journey.

Azmina Jiwa


In the beginning

I was always a very shy, very timid child and my nature persisted throughout my teens. At the age of 17, I came from Uganda to England because of the political upheaval. It was a time when all Asians were forced to leave the country.

Being in a new country forced me to build some confidence and resilience. I had no money and was in the middle of completing my A-levels, so, my number one priority was to continue my education. As a career, I went on to train as a podiatrist and gaining my qualification and finding a job gave another boost to my confidence.


But this didn’t change the fact that, at my core, I was someone with very low self-esteem, who lacked personal confidence. I never felt that I was good enough, I always compared myself, rather unfavourably, to others and whenever I found myself in a group of people, I always lacked the confidence to share my ideas.


At the age of 42, my state of mind was giving me some cause for concern. I was always feeling very low, very tearful, unworthy, unhappy and anxious. It’s true that certain hormonal changes were starting to happen to me and I wasn’t feeling myself but having read numerous self-help books in the past, I knew that this wasn’t the only factor.

I came to realise that always doing things to please others, never doing anything to please myself and continuously suppressing my feelings, all played a part in my unhealthy state of mind.

A journey of self-discovery and personal development

I started to seek out Personal Development Workshops and attended as many as I could find. I read umpteen self-help books and between the workshops and the books I discovered many tools that I put to good use. In fact, once I got started, it was surprising how quickly my spirits lifted and I started to feel good about myself.

My state of mind improved immeasurably, over a relatively short time, and I had so much knowledge and confidence that my heart would go out to anyone having issues of a similar nature – and let’s face it, we experience these kinds of issues at some point in our lives. I just wanted to be able to help.

I became inspired to share my knowledge and decided to train to allow me to do so. Initially, I became a certified Life Coach and Performance Coach. I then went on to become a Trainer for Dawn Breslin and a Licenced Trainer for Dr Susan Jeffers and her famous book/programme ‘Feel the Fear and do it Anyway’. I trained as an NLP Practitioner and I became a Forgiveness Trainer for Azim Khamis.

As I gained more and more experience, I developed a simple, yet powerful, system of tools that can help anyone transform their life and help them discover the Freedom to be themselves. A system I share in my book ‘Freedom to Be Me’.

Freedom to be mee book.jpg

Read More About My Journey From Uganda

To read an exclusive article by Nick Kituno, as published in Your Local Guardian on 21st November 2018, which tells my story 'A Ugandaan Refugee's Journey to Sutton', just click here.

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