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If you’ve picked up this book, you may well have reached a point in your life when you wonder if you matter anymore. You probably put the needs of others first, may have lost sight of what you want, and feel exhausted or worthless.


You may well feel like you’re simply existing and not living your life to the full, or you may feel fearful, anxious or depressed. If it helps, you’re not alone, and Freedom To Be Mewill help you.


I know what it’s like to be in that place and was there myself many years ago, and I was fortunate enough to realise I was unhappy. By attending workshops, investing in a wide range of self-help books and audios programmes, and later becoming a Susan Jeffers’ Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway® trainer, I started to delve into my own journey to re-find my happiness and self-worth. 


Over the years, I’ve found that there are many other women who felt like me. That’s why I’ve put all of my knowledge and learning into one book, and want to help others like you who may well be going through the pain that I was feeling. 


If you’d like my strategies to help you to feel joy, build your self-confidence, increase your self-acceptance, and find your sense of purpose and a reason for living, then this book is for you. 


“Azmina is a joyous soul, with boundless passion and gifts of wisdom and insight to share with everyone she meets” - Dawn Breslin, Founder of Harmonizing


“Nothing matters more than freedom, and no one understands freedom better than my cousin and heroine Azmina. What she has learned, she now teaches. And what she teaches, may all of us learn” - Azim Khamisa, Founder of Tariq Khamisa Foundation


“Azmina’s book will help you unravel exactly what it is that is stopping you from being happy being yourself, by challenging and changing the thoughts and beliefs which stop you from being the real you. Easy to read and packed with personal tried and tested examples, Freedom To Be Me is highly relatable. It is a nurturing book which will prove that anyone can make positive changes to their lives if they have the desire and commitment” - Samantha Wade

Freedom to Be Me - E Book

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