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You are free!  However to be truly free, you need to choose to to be so. 


Freedom is a state of being, a way of life, an understanding of the the conscious and sub-conscious.

Choose the freedom to:
  • think differently
  • accept yourself

  • take responsibility

  • be grateful

  • be special and unique

  • be fearful and overcome that fear

  • put yourself first

  • speak your truth
  • listen to your intuition

  • live your life purpose

  • to live a balanced life

  • to be still

  • to tell your story

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Similing Team

Any organisation is only as strong, innovative, dynamic and successful as the people in it.

If you would like your employees to work harder, work smarter, contribute more and deliver better results, then my workshop is what you need.

The workshop combines theory, science, personal reflection and practical exercises, whilst following the system I created. I call it my Four Stepping-Stones to Freedom.

All participants will come away from the workshop with the tools they need to help them recognise and deal with any resistance they may encounter in becoming the very best version of themselves. 

Self-acceptance means to fully accept the person you are right now in this moment. All that you like about yourself and all that you don’t like about yourself, the things you criticize yourself for and all your feelings and emotions, positive or negative.

- Azmina Jiwa

Reach the Top
take control of



Learn to overcome your fears and embrace the present while building the future you deserve, a future full of joy and contentment within.


Let me give you the tools to empower you and help you achieve your ultimate self.


“Fantastic workshop. Reopened my very closed down mind. Helped me to let go of some very negative emotions and pledge to continue working on this. 
Azmina made me feel very valued and safe.”


Ms Geenan Paul


“Azmina is a fantastic teacher. Very motivating and inspirational.


Her workshop is friendly and relaxed and leaves you feeling inspired.”


Rene Campbell

IFBB Pro Athlete

“Thank you Azmina, for a wonderful lecture yesterday afternoon.

Your subject on making positive changes in people's lives is a fascinating and thought-provoking discussion and, as always, everyone enjoyed and participated fully.

Thank you for your time and thank you for sharing some life changing experiences with the Seniors group.


On behalf of all the seniors, we wish you the very best with the launch of your new book, 'Freedom to be me'.

Good luck”


The Chairperson

Ismaili Community Seniors Club

“These workshops are simply brilliant and so important to gain a different perspective. After today’s workshop I feel fresh, clear and refeshed.

Positive vibrations have been passed onto me and I am feeling connected somehow.”


Katie Sarah Charlotte Martin

Secretary and Bereavement Support Worker

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